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Autumn at Solsones

Take advantage of our autumn offers at Solsones

Take advantage of the SPECIAL PRICE we offer at the Hotel La Freixera from Sunday to Friday!

Accommodation + breakfast for only € 99.00 / night

Enjoy your stay with us at an affordable price and sip our breakfast with local products km.0


Mushroom hunter! At La Freixera hotel, we are waiting for you! Celebrate the  “Fira del Bolet” with us.

FRIDAY 19th and SATURDAY 20th of October only 190.53€* (Double Room)


*minimum stay 2 nights

The nature very close: The Park of “La Mare de la Font”


Discover nature two steps from the Hotel.

The Mare de la Font is a source of a brocade made of stone in the municipality of Solsona in the Solsonès region.

It is located in the Mare de la Font park

Formerly it was known as Miravella’s source to find itself under the name’s farmhouse, but in the face of the water supply difficulties experienced by Solsona, at the beginning of the 15th century, the Cosell de la ciutat agreed to To get to Solsona the water from this source.

If you want to take a route to Mare de la Font, you have the option to follow the route that you propose from the tourist office at the following link:

Mare de la Font – Castellvell

This route proposes to go from Solsona to Mare de la Font and then the path to Castellvell to return to Solsona.

You can make half the way to the park and return along the same path. Or continue on to the castle and end the route.

For more information, go to the Hotel reception.


La Freixera, exceptional accommodation 2017


Hotel La Freixera has received, this 2017 was awarded: Guest Review Award 2017

The online portal No. 1 of online reservations,, has been awarded this year at the Hotel Freixera de Solsona with the Guest Review Award 2017, the hallmark with which this reservation portal rewards, worldwide, the hotels that In a continuous way over the years, they have received the recognition and satisfaction of the clients that have stayed with a sustained score of 9.4 out of 10.

The hotel Freixera stays sustained year after year as the most valued hotel for the customers that travel through Central Catalonia. During the year 2017, 28% of the clients that stayed in the Freixera came from the international market: 17% of French, 14% English, 13% Americans, 9% Germans, also 9% Scandinavian and one 11% from other countries like Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Russia. is also the preferred portal for Catalan and Spanish customers that represent 72% of Freixera’s reserves with predominance of the Barcelona client and metropolitan area.


Must spend a night in Solsona for work?

Take advantage of the SPECIAL PRICE we offer at the Hotel La Freixera for companies!

Accommodation + breakfast for only € 59.00 / night

Enjoy your stay with us at an affordable price and sip our breakfast with local products km.0

Does the job call early in the morning? Do not worry about it! We have flexible hours for breakfast so you can taste it!


* Offer valid from Sunday to Thursday in DIRECT reservations by phone at +34973484262 by email at or on our website.

Winter offers at the Hotel La Freixera!

… Still without plans for these winter months? …

Hotel La Freixera, c. House of the XIV century
Surround yourself with a magical atmosphere in our unique rooms

Staying at home is not an option! Go skiing and enjoy the snow and winter with us and check out what we offer …

come visit us!
Take advantage of our STAR OFFER with a 20% discount!

Stay at one of our fantastic double SUPERIOR or SPECIAL rooms for two nights and enjoy an exceptional discount!

Will this great offer escape !?

* Offer valid from Sunday to Thursday, direct reservations by phone or email.


Take advantage of this offer and go skiing at the Port del Comte station.

More info and prices at: Port del Comte