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I have two days off … We celebrate the Solsona Festival!

We continue a week longer with the informative blogs to do in Solsona for two days.

This week, we will focus on one of the traditional fiestas of Solsona, the Festa Major.

This holiday will begin on September 7th and will last until September 11th.

Every day that lasts the party is important and there are special events that do not do another day, so we will change the plans we had for this ticket and instead of 2 days, we will take a short tour of the 5 days that the Fiesta Major lasts

A bit of history ...

claustre solsona 001

The Solsona’s Festa Major is one of the oldest and most traditional times of all the celebrations that are currently held all over the country. This rich and secular festive heritage is in the distance of time, at least since the 14th century.

The origins of the Festa Major de Solsona date back to 1653. Catalonia had suffered the defeat of the Reapers’ War (1640-1652) and, shortly afterwards, the bad harvests that led to the drought. To this, the Plague was added that extended by the country. It was because of the devastating context that, due to an ancestral custom of the solonins -documented since 1657-, the vote was taken to the Virgin of the Cloister.

In 1652, when the doctors no longer had any other remedy to reduce the plague, the town hall consistently asked the Virgin of the Cloister solemnly. According to the chronicles, as of that moment “nothing” was moved, nobody else died, so that the consuls demanded that it be voted on that the day of the Nativity would be organized a procession with the solemnity of the day of Our Lady of August. On the 1st of September the following year, the Virgin Mary of the Patron Saint of Solsona was proclaimed. Here was the feast of Our Lady of the Cloister.

Continue reading and find ideas for the Festa Major de Solsona …

Start of the Festa Major.

We start the morning with the signal that tells us that the Festival has begun, the bell tower of the Cathedral, which will take place at 11.30. Next, at 12, we will go up to the town hall square, where the mayor of Solsona, will give, personally, the beginning of the festival followed by the thug of the trabucaire. Returning to the Plaza Mayor, we will hear the thunderstorms of the Sullivan trabucaires.

It’s time you go out to the street the seal of identity of the town, THE GIANTS! We enjoy the passacarrer, watching the dances of the giants that will go to the sound of the patinfanjàs band of Solsona, that will begin in the place of the city council by the old town.

once the passacarrers are over, it’s time to go to lunch (and of the respective nap, this can never be missed!) and in the afternoon we continue with the party!

From 5 pm and having rested after all the morning following the giants, in the Plaza de San Pedro, we will find the VII contest of musicians in the street.

To continue an afternoon of art and music, we can enjoy three inaugurations that will be held during the afternoon:

  • At 6, in the exhibition hall of the Cellar of Ca l’Aguilar, INAUGURATION of the exhibition “Amalgama and the symbiosis of two worlds”, by Danika Montse Fuentes, from California, and Leonardo Cisternes Mosciatti, from Chile
  • At 7, in the exhibition hall of the former Caixa Penedès (Cal Manel), INAUGURATION of the exhibition “Rostros Mediterrània y Siguiendo las Pases de N’Assem”
  • At 2/4 of 8, in the Sala Gris, INAUGURATION of the exhibition “From painting to photography, from photography to painting”, by Josep Dalmau and Jaume Roure

The evening arrives and with it, the bell tower of the Cathedral announcing the Cant de la Salve, which we can enjoy at 20.45 in the cloister’s chapel, after the descent of the municipal corporation accompanied by the pubilla and the maidens Honor of 2016, the dance of poles and the Patinfanjàs orchestra.

After enjoying the Cant de la Salve, the streets of the old town are lit with teieres and, following them, we will make our way to the patio of the Arrels II school, with the entourage that will also leave the Cathedral, to see the castle of fireworks.

The events of the day are over, but now the acts we like most are coming to the youngsters! The night party! But, eh !, which is not only aimed at young people, also families will be able to enjoy the Habanera concert that will take place at 23:00 in the Plaza de San Juan.

And for the young …

At 1 in the morning, in the Multipurpose Room, CONCERT OF VERSIONS with Band’d’festa, Caipirinhas Rumberus and DJ Sendo.

Sleep and rest well, why this has only begun!

Tomorrow better and better, if it’s possible!

We start the morning with the mass sung at the Cathedral at 9 am to stop breakfast and then we will follow the Sullivan trawlers around the walls of the village, waking up even more, with their features!

At 11.00 we can attend the mass concelebrated by the bishop of Solsona in the Cathedral, not without witnessing, before that, the descent of the municipal corporation accompanied by the town hall, the maidens of honor of 2016, the Patinfanjàs Orchestra, the feudis and the giants of the Festa Major.

Once the mass is over, we will go up to the Plaza Mayor, where we can enjoy the ballets of all the giants, where each one is different and has its charm, you can not see them (the younger ones in the house will love it! !!)

The lunch time is already approaching (ep !, do not neglect the nap!) And because until mid-afternoon there are no more events of the Festa Major (also need to rest the poor giants …) we can make a A little bit of tourism in the streets of the old town, if we have not done it or take a walk to Castellvell and Mare de la Font (you can see it in the previous post: Tinc dos dies lliures… Coneixem Solsona!)

At 6:30 p.m., we will be able to attend the homage of the Virgen del Claustro to the Cathedral and see the ball of the eagle in the Plaza Mayor.

Next, in the same place where we are, the Cobla Juvenil Ciutat de Solsona will dance sardanas.

It is once again dark and for lovers of firecrackers and fireworks the moment has arrived, at 22.00 in the portal of the Castle will start the correfoc accompanied by the Batucada with the following route:

Portal del Castillo
Crossing of San Isidro
Calle de Llobera
St. Peter’s Square
Carrer del Castell
Portal del Camp

For young people, in the Plaza del Camp you can enjoy the concert + youth with the Quinta del Barrio and Dj Malé

Families, this time, can go to the Multipurpose room where at 23.00 you will find the Dance of Festa Major with the Juniors orchestra.

From 9:00 in the morning, we can enjoy the same acts as on Friday, that is, the sung Mass, the circumvallation of the old walls with the trabucaires, the descent of authorities towards the Cathedral, the concelebrated mass and the ballets in the Plaza Mayor.

If you have seen it the previous day, you can take the opportunity to visit the Diocesan and Regional Museum of Solsona, which is located next to the Cathedral, in the Plaza del Obispo. (you can check prices and timetables here: Museu de Solsona,Guests at the Hotel La Freixera can enjoy a 2×1 entrance to the museum!)

From 3:00 pm until evening, the Besamans will take place at the Cathedral in the Cloister’s Mother’s Cathedral. And just after entering to pay tribute to the Virgin Mary, you can stroll through Solsona and find, until 8:00 pm, the painters who make up the XXXVI fast painting contest on Solsona and its surroundings.

If you have already seen and enjoyed all the artists doing paintings by the beautiful Solsona, at 5:30 p.m., you can reach the Multipurpose Room where, the Maravella Orchestra, will play in concert. (attention! Ticket sales will take place an hour before in the box office of the same room.)

For families and the smallest of the house, you can go to the plaza del camp where you will find a family show hosted by the pop music band Pop Xics.

It’s been another day (how fast!) And we get back to the time when youth go out and families rest enjoying either a concert with Marc Anglarill in the Plaza Mayor or the dance from the Festa Major to the Multipurpose Room.

For young people !:

At 1 in the morning, in the Plaza del Campo, CONCIERTO JOVE with Zoo and Xeic!

Throughout the day, sports enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the 23rd Basketball Tournament 3×3 at Plaça del Camp.

But, we start from the beginning, at 10 in the morning we can attend the mass for the deceased. But if the one you love is the bicycle, you can not miss the XXXVIII cyclist climb at La Torregassa, or the starting point will be in front of the Setelsis school (there will be breakfast for everyone!)

The younger children of the house will love to attend the storytellers in the library square after 11:00, where they will be able to enjoy the children’s show Festa Kids! They can not miss it!

For lovers of dancing and the most daring, at 12.00 on the Paseo Pare Claret, there will be a Swing show with live music, do you dare?

We have had a mogudet morning, but that does not end here, it’s a good day, you take strength and you do not need to say what you have to do after eating, because we are waiting for an even more busy afternoon!

At 5:00 pm we will leave the Paseo Pare Claret in the direction of Castellvell with the giant star (I have already told you to do the nap …) and fast because at 17.30 we will extend the star at the tower of the Castellvell and we will attend the talk -debat “October 1, the time of truth”, reading the Manifest of the Correllengua and the song of the Reapers (as a reward for the road made, there will be coca and chocolate for all!)

Rest as much as you can, but as the saying goes: “hurriedly but without pause”, since at 19.30 we can enjoy sardanas again in the Plaza Mayor.

At 21.00 we have an appointment in the Plaza Mayor, where the institutional event of the National Day of Catalonia will be held in Solsona. We can all be part of candle burning in favor of the referendum, and we will enjoy the song of the Reapers.

As every night, for families, at 23:00, in the Multipurpose Room, Festival’s Dance with the Montgrins Orchestra

And for the young:

At 23:00, in Plaça de Sant Pere, concert with the Fugitive group

Today is the day for the smallest of the house, since from 11:00 to 14:00 at the Paseo Pare Claret, at the height of the Culture and Youth Center, you can enjoy inflatable castles! Who was little to be able to enjoy those again!

Information provided by:                                                Solsona Festa Major

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Arrencant motors per la Festa Major

D’aqui una setmana s’inicia la Festa Major de Solsona, coneguem el actes previs a aquesta festivitat.

A només una setmana de l’esperada Festa Major de Solsona, escalfem motors amb els actes previs de la ja esmentada.

Aquests actes és celebraran des d’avui, 1 de Setembre, fins al 6 de Setembre per donar pas a l’inici de la festivitat el dia 7 de Setembre i que durarà fins al 11 de Setembre, Diada de Catalunya.

En aquest post us volem fer arribar el programa d’aquests actes previs perquè, sigueu o no de Solsona, no us perdeu res!

Programa d'actes previs

A les 10 a la plaça de Sant Joan, concert Metamorfosi de les músiques de la Festa Major de Solsona, a càrrec de la Cobla Juvenil Ciutat de Solsona amb la participació extraordinària d’Eduard Gener, LXX Solsonins i Orquestra Patinfanjàs.
Col·laboració: Agrupació de Geganters de Solsona, Arxiu Comarcal del Solsonès, Ajuntament de Solsona i Amics Linyolencs

De 10 a 1, al Castellvell (punt d’inici), VISITA gratuïta al poblat ibèric del Castellvell i, posteriorment, a Sant Miquel de Sorba
Organització: Centre d’Estudis Lacetans

A les 5, a la plaça de Sant Joan, XXXIV TROBADA D’ACORDIONISTES
Organització: Joan Ribera i Ramon Riu
Col·laboració: Ajuntament de Solsona, Consell Comarcal del Solsonès, Caixa d’Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona i Regió7
* En cas de pluja, l’acte es traslladarà a la Sala Polivalent.

A 2/4 de 12, a la plaça de Sant Joan, CONCERT SOLIDARI a càrrec de Judit Neddermann
Organització: SOM (Solsonès Obert al Món)
Patrocini: Ajuntament de Solsona
* En cas de pluja, l’acte es traslladarà al pati gòtic del Consell Comarcal.

A les 8, sortint de la plaça del Camp, XX CAMINADA POPULAR al Vinyet de Solsona. Enguany passa pel turó de Sant Bartomeu en reconeixement a l’excalcalde solsoní Ramon LLumà (Solsona, 1935-2016)
Organització: Ajuntament de Solsona
Col·laboració: Centre Excursionista del Solsonès

A les 10, al camp de tir del Solsonès, TIRADA AL PLAT GENERAL, en la modalitat de 25 plats de color vermell
Organització: Club de Tir del Solsonès

A les 10, a la plaça de la Catedral, sortida de la CURSA SOLIDÀRIA entre Solsona i el Pi de Sant Just Running Festival

A 2/4 d’11, al portal del Castell, MOSTRA DE CULTURA POPULAR, amb plantada de gegants, cercavila pel nucli antic i ballets davant l’Ajuntament
Organització: Gegants del Tros
Col·laboració: Ajuntament de Solsona

A les 5, a 2/4 de 7 i a les 8, a la sala Francesca de Llobera del Consell Comarcal, ESPECTACLE DE MÀGIA de prop per a adults a càrrec del solsoní PERE RAFART, il·lusionista. Entrades gratuïtes amb reserva prèvia. Cal recollir les invitacions a l’OAC de l’Ajuntament (se’n lliuraran un màxim de dues per persona).

A les 7, al Museu Diocesà i Comarcal de Solsona, INAUGURACIÓ de l’exposició “En plein air. Tomàs Boix. La pintura com a passió (1886-1951)”
Organització: Museu Diocesà i Comarcal de Solsona

A 2/4 de 10, a la plaça del Consell Comarcal, ASSAIG GENERAL dels ballets de la Festa Major
Organització: Agrupació de Geganters de Solsona

Informació cedida per:                                              Solsona Turisme

I have two days off … Let’s know Solsona

As we said in the previous post, we started with the series of informative blogs where you will find: routes, activities, what to do, guided tours, opinions and everything you need to know to spend two days in Solsona and do not miss anything!

Solsona, is a city located very close to the geographical center of Catalonia (Pinós), it has approximately 9000 inhabitants and is more known as “the city halfway to everything”, since, from Solsona, there It has more or less the same distance to the most popular capitals: Barcelona – 115km, Lleida – 79km, Andorra – 88km, Tarragona – 127km.


Solsona is a city that preserves the old medieval city in very good conditions that, over the years, the families of former owners have been returning their lives by reforming it.

At the moment, it is a historical city woven with tradition jealously guarded; It is a city where the olive grows and the flourish blooms, full of life and restlessness that, located in the center of Catalonia, struggles to be present and active in the history of today’s Catalonia.


Today, we will focus on bringing the history of the city to life by visiting its streets inside and outside the walls. Some interesting routes in the surroundings with scent landscapes and we will soak in the Sant Ponç reservoir.

Keep reading and find ideas for these two days:

Discovering Solsona

We get up early with the cool breeze that accompanies this small mountain town, take lunching forces and head towards the entrance of the old town, at the Portal del Pont.

On the right, we will find the Ice Well, where we can take a guided tour, which is very worthwhile (visit for hours and rates!). We continue up the street until arriving at the square of the Cathedral where we can admire the current Gothic building superimposed on the Romanesque church and the image chapel of Our Lady of the Cloister, from the 12th century.

We continue climbing and we will run into the Plaza Mayor, where we usually celebrate the events of the city and where we will find the “Can Massana” pastry shop founded in 1964, At present, it is preserved, if it does or does not do the same, the origin of the recipe of the famous croissant cake (you can not leave Solsona without trying!).

Take a little breath, because the rise has just begun!

If we continue on, we will find the “Tower of Hours” where we hang the Solsonins donkey for Carnival (a fake one!), And then the town hall.

The slope is over, and as you can see, it has been worthwhile, from the front of the Town Hall we can admire the final section of Carrer Castell, with the Castle portal at the end, which creates a very unique and peculiar depth effect . We have reached the end of the main street of the old town, but there are many more little ones, perhaps not so well-known, but with the same charm as the latter for which we have walked.

It is about enjoying each of the streets that have their own charm and get lost in the walls of the old town.

After enjoying the wonderful paths and streets of the old town, having visited historic sites and having done some tourism, it is time to fill your stomach with a good home-made lunch (you will find some options here ) And have a good nap. We are waiting for a busy afternoon!

As soon as digestion is done, we will head to Castellvell, a very old castle dating from the year 1217 that is currently a viewpoint from where we will obtain spectacular views of all the Vinyet de Solsona and much of Of the region.

Before that, we will pass through the Mare de la Font Park, a beautiful place surrounded by forest and small waterfalls.

If we follow the following route on foot, we will arrive to Castellvell:

If after completing the route and having the best views of Solsona, you are not tired, you can stop taking the fresh air at any of the bars or restaurants with terrace. There are many to choose from!

Get a swim at the Sant Ponç swamp

We had a pretty busy first day, it is likely that we will even have pittances!

So this second day we will take relaxation and enjoy the Solsonès landscapes.

Taking advantage of the good weather, we carry our backpacks with towels, swimsuits, sun cream and everything we need to spend the day in the swamp!

The Sant Ponç reservoir is located between Solsona and Cardona, we can access both by car or by bicycle.

  • To go by car: (from the Hotel la Freixera)
    • Northwest direction from Sant Llorenç Street to Travessia Sant Roc
    • Continue on Carretera de Manresa and C-55. After passing a few roundabouts … Take the exit towards Sta. Susanna from C-55.
    • At the roundabout (yes, another), take the third exit and head towards the Pantano de Sant Ponç. It’s a narrow road but it’s okay.
  • To go by bicycle:

Once we reach the reservoir we have two paths, cross the dam and look for a good place to extend our towels or stay near the Campsite, where there is a bar, just next to the dam.

It’s time to relax, soak up the sun or enjoy a dip in the swamp until noon. We take the picnic baskets, and good profit!

After dinner (food is much better in the middle of nature!), It seems that we have nothing left to do with the same routine in the morning, but calm, that we do not get bored!

Just in the other corner of the dam, we have the booth of the marsh, a small shop, where we can enjoy aquatic activities such as canoeing, paddle stand …

For more information about schedules and activities, click on the following link: Caseta del Pantà.

At Hotel la Freixera we have discounts for some of the activities mentioned in the Blog, for our clients.

Take advantage and stay with us! –> Reserva!!

Information provided by:


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This weekend you can not miss …

If this weekend you are in Solsona and do not know what to do, then we offer you activities and events that are celebrated by the municipality and the region and you can not stop doing it!

THE COMA AND THE PEDRA: THE ROAD OF THE CONTRABAN. (You need to check the program.)

NAVES: DINNINGS TO FRESH + LIVE MUSIC with Carabruta at the Santa Llúcia restaurant – 973486038.

SOLSONA: FOREIGN ESTATES AND SUMMER PROMOTIONS. Let yourself be surprised by the UBIC establishments. More information:

SOLSONA: GUIDED TOUR TO THE HISTORICAL NUCLEI “Solsona Monumental” (in Spanish). At 11 am, from the tourist office – 973482310. GUIDED TOUR TO POU DE GEL at 07:30 p.m. At 9 pm, NIGHT GUIDE VISIT. More information and reservations: 663668184.

CEURÓ (Castellar de la Ribera): ANCIENT MUSIC FESTIVAL OF THE PYRENEES. At 7 pm, concert with Lina Tur Bonet & Dani Espasa at the church of Sant Julià. More information:

THE COMA AND THE PEDRA: THE ROAD OF THE CONTRABAN. (You need to check the program.)

GUIXERS: TR3SORS CYCLE. Culture, heritage and gastronomy of Solsonès. Concert at 8 pm at the hermitage of Sant Serni del Grau. Sale of advance tickets to the Tourism Office of the Solsonès (Bassella Ctra., 1. Solsona) More information:

THE QUADRELLS (la Molsosa): GREAT FESTIVAL. At 9 pm, dinner with a free snack and dance.

SANTUARIO DEL MIRACLE (Riner): GUIDED TOUR TO SANTAUARIO DEL MIRACLE at 11 o’clock. Starting point: in front of the restaurant El Miracle and the Town Hall of Riner. Duration: 1h 15min. For more information and reservations for groups: 973480815.

SOLSONA: FOREIGN ESTATES AND SUMMER PROMOTIONS. Let yourself be surprised by the UBIC establishments. More information:

SOLSONA: GUIDED TOUR TO THE HISTORIC NUCLEI “Solsona Monumental”. At 11 am, from the tourist office – 973482310. GUIDED TOUR TO POU DE GEL at 12:30 a.m. and at 7:30 p.m. GUIDED TOUR “TASTA SOLSONA” at 6 pm from the Tourist Office (Bassella Street, 1). TEATRALIZADA VISIT “TRAVEL IN THE TIME: THE HOSPITAL OF LLOBERA AND THE POU DE GEL”, at 7 pm. More information: 6636688184. SUMMER SUMMER FESTIVAL at the Plaça del Càmping El Solsonès (see program). SARDANES with the Cobla Juvenil Ciutat de Solsona at 7 pm on the Paseo del Padre Claret. SUMMER REVETLLA by Jordi Casellas at 23:00 in Plaça del Camp.

CAP DEL PLA (Lladurs): SANT AGUSTÍ FESTIVAL. In the morning, misa and blessing of the bread.

THE QUADRELLS (la Molsosa): GREAT FESTIVAL. Saturday, at 9 pm, dinner with a free snack and dance. Sunday, at 1 pm, Mass at the Chapel of SANTA EULÀLIA, and the traditional ritual of the tortell.

SANTUARIO DEL MIRACLE (Riner): GUIDED TOUR TO SANTAUARIO DEL MIRACLE at 11 o’clock. Starting point: in front of the restaurant El Miracle and the Town Hall of Riner. Duration: 1h 15min. For more information and reservations for groups: 973480815.

SOLSONA: GUIDED TOUR TO THE HISTORIC NUCLEI “Solsona Monumental”. At 11 am, from the tourist office – 973482310. GUIDED TOUR TO POU DE GEL at 12.30 a.m. and at 7:30 p.m.

Information provided by the Tourist Office of the Solsonès.

For more information, visit this link:

I have two days off… I’m going to Solsona!

We often have a couple of days a week in which we do not work and dedicate ourselves to taking care of our home, our children, visiting family, shopping, visiting friends …

But … when do we take care of ourselves?

Solsona is an excellent option to disconnect from the big cities, to be in touch with nature and the mountains, to take care of yourself and let yourself relax.

“Yes, Solsona looks very calm, but I’m very active and I do not like to be locked in the Hotel. What do I do? What do I visit?”

Do not you worry! Solsona is a small municipality, but it has many interesting activities to do in the city, but also throughout the region. Want to know what?

From August 28th until the end of September, every Monday you will have new options that you can visit and / or do for two whole days!

Follow our blog every Monday and discover different ways to take advantage of two days in Solsonès!

14 El Castellvell (Olius)
Take advantage of the offer of our Hotel to realize any of the plans that we propose to the Blog!

Stay at Hotel La Freixera for two nights and enjoy a 10% discount in any of our rooms from August 28 to September 30.

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Guided tours to Solsona

If you visit a town that was unknown to you, the best and the first thing everyone is doing is tourism.

For this reason, we leave below the guided tours of Solsona and the region, the necessary information, where they can reserve and buy tickets and their schedules.

Guided tours in Solsona

Solsona, a giant city.

Visit to the giants of the Festa Major and the Carnival of Solsona, all prepared by the Casserras Workshops. In this visit you will learn how to create a giant, from the first drawings on paper, to the final figure. Finally, you can take the last steps to create a small figure of a giant and take it home!

  • Hours: at 6 pm, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from July 17 to August 30, except July 29

Nocturnal visits.

Discover one of the most important historical episodes of Solsona by the hand of different actors that you will find during the visit of the old town. Ready to travel to the Carlist times?

  • Hours: every Thursday and Friday from July 27 to September 1, at 9 pm (except July 28)

Theatricalized visit

During this visit, you will enjoy a theatrical recreation of the operation of the Llobera hospital and the Pou de Gel de Solsona hospital. Ideal for family audiences.

  • Hours: at 7 pm, every Saturday from July 22 until September 2, except July 29

Tasta Solsona.

During the visit, you will discover the historical center of Solsona and its best kept secrets: the oldest shops in the city, paying special attention to craft and local agri-food products. The visit ends with a tasting of products from the territory.

  • Schedule: at 6 pm. Next sessions: August 26

Solsona Monumental.

Experience the history with a route through the most important points of the medieval old town: Carrer Major and streets, Sant Joan, Sant Isidre, with the fountains and stately homes, and the cathedral with the cloisters. Includes the visit to the Ice Well and the Fourth of the Giants.

  • Times: AUGUST: every Wednesday, Friday (in Spanish), Saturdays, Sundays and August 14 and 15 at 11:00 a.m. August 11 and 14 at 6:30 p.m. REST OF THE YEAR: every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays at 11:00 a.m. Except September 8, 9 and 11, December 25 and 26.

Fourth of the giants

Ideal for families! Do you want to know where the giants of the Festa Major of Solsona live? Come and discover the space where they are stored along with the rest of the improperies.

  • Hours: every Saturday at 5 pm, except February 25, May 13, June 17, 18 and 24, July 8 and July 22 to September 11, 2017

Guided tours in the Solsonès.

San Esteban d’Olius monumental complex.

The visit consists of a historical interpretation of the place, visiting the field of Iberian silos, the church of Sant Esteve d’Olius and its crypt dedicated to Santa Maria. Also included is the visit to the modernist cemetery designed by Bernadí Martorell.

  • Hours: to be specified with the group

Sanctuary of the Miracle.

Discover the best kept secrets of the Miracle Shrine by the hand of its neighbors. The visit includes places such as the Baroque altar and the sacristy, the cloister of the monastery or the bassadoria. Guided tour of the Baroque space optional.

  • Hours: every Saturday, Sundays and holidays at 11:00 a.m.

Sant Pere de Graudescales.

Visit to the hermitage and its surroundings.

  • Hours: to be specified with the group

Sant Pere de Matamargó.

Visit to the Baroque church.

  • Hours: to be specified with the group

Salí of Cambrils.

Welcome to the new, amazing and relaxing experience to load batteries without leaving Catalonia. In Salí you will find one of the few mountain salinas of all of Catalonia. After the renovation, it has 5,200m2 of terraces, 4 mills, wood pipes with salt stalactites and much more! During the visit you will discover a popular center where you learn from a culture that extracts the best of nature. And if you want more, detoxify and remineralize your skin and body thanks to the salt water pool from an underground source with more than 200 million years, and with the same concentration of salt That the Dead Sea of Jordan. Spoil yourself with the energy of the Pyrenees!

  • Hours: Opening: weekends from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. From 24/06 to 17/09 every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Guided tours at 11 am and 4 pm

The houses of Matamargó.

Discover the self-sufficient life of a farmhouse in the last century in Les Cases de Matamargó, a farmhouse of the s. XIV turned into House-Museum. It consists of 14 exhibition halls, with a total of 700 square meters, where you can see how social and family life was in a rural context, as well as the various tasks of the field, the machinery used according to each time and its evolution .

  • Hours: 11:30 p.m., first Sunday of each month.

For more information and reservations, contact:


Or, by visiting the webpage:

Guided tour – Solsona Giant City

This summer, Solsona returns offers the possibility to take a guided tour that allows you to discover all the Giants of the city of Solsona, both the Festa Major and the Carnival.

This unique experience allows children and their families to get acquainted with the giants and their process of elaboration, in a quiet environment and beyond the respective parties.

In addition, it is offered the possibility of painting a small figure of stone cardboard to take a gigantic souvenir at home.


Horaris, Informació i Reserves


Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (Except July 29) – 6:00 pm

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What to visit – The Diocesan and Regional Museum of Solsona

The Diocesan and Regional Museum of Solsona contains multidisciplinary historical and artistic heritage collections in the counties that make up the Bishopric of Solsona, from the Neolithic to the 20th century. There are exponents of the most varied artistic techniques, painting, sculpture, goldsmithing, fabrics, ceramics, forging, metalwork, etc …

The Museum’s reservation is located on the upper floor of the building and the patrimonial objects that make up the Museum’s collection are not exposed to the permanent exhibition halls. This other fund has been classified into two major thematic blocks: archeology and art.

The Diocesan and Regional Museum of Solsona originated in 1896, when Bishop Ramon Riu and Cabanes, driven by the desire to safeguard and disseminate the heritage of the bishopric, inaugurated the Musaeum Archaeologicum Dioecesanum de Solsona, becoming one of the The first diocesan museums in Catalonia.

It was then a leading Museum that, like the Episcopal Museum of Vic, began an important task of collecting and preserving objects of sacred art and of liturgical use. Initially, the Museum moved to the building of the old seminary (building of Llobera Hospital, now the headquarters of the Solsonès County Council), together with a classroom of Christian sacred archeology, under the direction Of the Drs. Marià Grandia and Jaume Viladrich. In 1898, Bishop Riu, acquired a public auction collection of salt objects and works of art, from the Salt Museum of Cardona, owned by Mn. Riba and Fígols, who went to the Museum. Mn. Joan Serra i Vilaró gave the final impetus to this institution when he was appointed director by the bishop Lluís Amigó in 1909. He then created the Prehistory section of the Museum, which included thousands of objects from archaeological excavations that he himself performed throughout the Bishopric . It was an enormous task that gave the Diocesan Museum of Solsona a personality of its own and unmatched. This growth led to the transfer of the Museum to the cathedral overlaid. When Serra and Vilaró was called to Tarragona in 1925, Mn. Santamaria took the direction of the Museum until the outbreak of the war in 1936.


During the civil war the revolutionary committee of Solsona, chaired by Francesc Viadiu, took over the Museum and appointed director to Manuel Boixader. The committee intervened directly in the salvation of the Museum and in many of the belongings of the parishes that were transferred to it and occupied the rooms on the first floor of the episcopal palace. Towards the end of the warlike confrontation, a good part of the Museum’s collection went to Geneva by order of the Government of the Republic.

A new phase of the Museum began in 1939 when Dr. Antoni Llorens took over the management and negotiated the recovery of property. At the same time, he incorporated new works that increased the collection and allowed the inauguration of the renovated Museum on September 8, 1944, with exhibition halls on the first floor of the Episcopal Palace and on the cloisters. Dr. Llorens remained at the head of the Museum until 1977, when he assumed responsibility Mn. Antoni Bach. Over the years without a renovation of the halls and the lack of economic resources, it forced the Museum to be closed temporarily at the end of the seventies.


Ancient World – Roman World

Most of the ancient world’s objects come from the Roman site of Cal Sotaterra (Solsona) and from the ceramic workshop of Pla d’Abella (Navès, El Solsonès). In Cal Sotaterra, objects of ceramics and glass, small objects of bone and metal, and personal ornament are exhibited. Abella’s workshop shows an interesting selection of molds and ceramic containers, from the technique called terra sigillata. Also exhibited, from other deposits, fragments of pictorial mural decoration, an amphora vineyard imported from Italy, funerary areas and a tombstone.

Middle Ages


The Museum retains some important works that correspond to this stage. Specifically an altar now, from the church of Sant Salvador de la Vedella, two fragments of mural painting, the Orant and the Knight, from Sant Quirze de Pedret, and a bottle of perfumes, reaprofitted as a lipsanoteca, From the same church.


The exhibition of the Romanesque exhibits works of religious themes and liturgical use and structural elements of the former Cloister and Cathedral of Solsona, and other churches in the diocese. It emphasizes the volumetric reproduction of the central nave of St. Quirze de Pedret, where one of the most important pre-Romanesque and Romantic mural paintings of our country (s. X-XII) is exhibited.


Gothic art exhibits different paintings and painting paintings on the table. As well as a wide variety of sculptural elements, mostly stone and wood, and various objects of liturgical use (13th-15th centuries).

Modern age


Of the sixteenth century there are four altarpiece fragments, corresponding to two altarpieces different from the same author, the Master of Dormition of Solsona; An icon of Crete, processional crosses and busts-reliquaries.


From the 17th century, the altarpiece of Sant Martí de Riner stands out; The polychrome pharmacy cabinet and the mortar, from the pharmacy Pallarès de Solsona, as well as other elements of religious and profane themes (glass, ceramics, altarpiece fragments …). As for the eighteenth century, objects of furniture, ceramics, glass and oil paintings on cloth are shown.

Temporal exposition


The last traveling exhibition assembly at the Archeology Museum of Catalonia arrives at Solsona, through Arqueoxarxa and the Diputació de Barcelona. The exhibition “Bones: A trip to the medieval era by the hand of physical anthropology” brings us closer to the living conditions of the Catalan populations between the 8th and 15th centuries through the study of the remains of ” Skeletons located in archaeological sites mainly in central Catalonia.


Individual ticket: € 4

Admission reduced by groups (Starting from 10 people): € 2

Reduced admission for retirees, unemployed, young people between 16 and 18 years of age, student card, young card, large or single parent family card: € 2

Free admission for children under 16, members of the ICOM and the Association of Museologists of Catalonia, teachers.

Open day on May 18 (International Museum Day), on September 9 (Festival of Solsona) and on 16, 17 and 18 September (European Heritage Days).


Winter: (15 December to 15 March)

Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sundays and holidays (except Mondays) from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Summer: (March 16 to December 14)

From Wednesday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 06:30 p.m.
Sundays and holidays (except Mondays) from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

July and August open on Tuesdays.
Concerted visits, any day outside Mondays and Tuesdays.
The Museum will be closed on January 1 (New Year’s Eve) and January 6 (Kings) and on December 25 (Christmas) and December 26 (St. Esteve).
The Museum will be closed every Monday, holidays included.
Ticket sales up to half an hour before closing.

Guided tours

The guided visit to the Museu D. and C. de Solsona allows to know all the details of the permanent exhibition, from prehistory to modern times, by the hand of the museum’s technicians. The visit can be adapted to the available time and interest of the visitors.

You must make a previous booking by filling out the form.

Approximate duration: 1 hr.

Price guided tours:

– More than 10 people: € 2 from the museum entrance + € 2 for a guided tour
– Less than 10 people: € 4 from the museum entrance + € 2 for a guided tour

Leisure areas – Les Fonts del Cardener

They are one of the main attractions of the Lord Valley, and even more during thaw or after rainy rain, when they offer a majestic spectacle with jets of water springing up between the rocks

They are one kilometer from the village of La Coma, in the Solsonès region. Depending on the time of year we can find splendid waterfalls and an impressive water jet. They are located at the beginning of the Cardener river, an idyllic place that allows us to hear the murmur of the water and to contemplate the mountains that border this place.

The birthplace of the Cardener is today a cozy leisure space. It is advisable to leave the car and walk about 300 meters to get there.

To get there

To get there from Sant Llorenç de Morunys, you will find an indicator on the left after the Coma nucleus and the Fonts del Cardener restaurant. It has barbecues, tables, benches and fountains.

You can also reach it by foot or by bike because there are routes marked from Sant Llorenç de Morunys.

Sant Pere De Graudescales – Leisure and Culture

Enjoy leisure and culture while visiting the monastery of Sant Pere de Graudescales and do not forget your swimsuit, Agua de Ora is right next door.

Small monastery created to be a Benedictine house and transformed into a canonical, of which only a vestige is preserved. It is located in the Vall d’Ora, next to the Agua d’Ora (a tributary of the Cardener), in the skirt of the cliffs of the Sierra de Busa, in the middle of a place of great natural beauty. The present church dates from the 12th century and is considered a Lombard Romanesque style. It consists of a single ship with a Latin cross plant. The ship and the transept are covered with half-point barrel vaults, of equal height and perpendicular to each other, with three semicircular apses. The floor of the building is of Greek cross. The opening of a cross-shaped window in one of the walls of the church stands out. The apses have a decoration with array bands without lasenes. The church was declared a cultural asset of national interest.

Next to the monastery, you will find a picnic area and the river Aigua D’ora.

18 joai del romànic (Sant Pere Graudescales)

This river is born approximately at km 12 of the highway of Berga to Sant Llorenç de Morunys and to the municipality of the Capolat, it descends parallel to the highway and – just at the crossing that goes to Llinars- it enters the municipality of Guixers, following towards Navès where he gives his name to the Vall d’Ora. In the course of the river we find the monastery of Sant Pere de Graudescales, several mills and sawmills and the monument to Count Guifré: we are under the mountains of Busa.

If you want to take a guided tour of the monastery of Sant Pere de Graudescales, you can access the following link, where you will find all the necessary information and the contact to make the reservation of the tickets

If you want to know more about the monastery, visit the following link:

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