Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Rural Sustainable Management is an inter-regional co-operation project, whose aim is to promote a new business culture at organisations –both public and private– of the rural environment by developing a common methodology to implement policies on corporate social responsibility (CSR) that guarantees their sustainable development and, by extension, that of the territories in which they are located.


We are part of history

We are committed to the conservation of our environment and surroundings. Hotel La Freixera is listed as a cultural site of local interest (BECIL) within the Solsona historic centre.


Caring for the environment

We have installed renewable energies, such as biomass, and have applied control mechanisms to lower our carbon footprint. We also run campaigns to rain the environment awareness of our guests.


win-win collaborations

With other companies in the area in order to share and generate connections.  Because we know that the best way to create economies is by combining organisations’ skills and abilities.