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Beam heads – The wooden sentries of Solsona

We invite you to discover the history of beam heads, the wooden sentries that watch over from the roofs of the houses of Solsona.

Strolling through the solemn old town, we realize that splayed eyes spit on us from the heights, most of them are characters with grotesque faces. We propose you a route to locate them in less than an hour.

Beam heads are carved, large-sized faces, which are part of the structural beams that support the roofs and decorate the lateral end of the beam in some historic Solonin houses. In some cases, the ceiling beams of balconies or tribunes culminate. The façade of the houses has been a rejection of the idiosyncrasy of its inhabitants.

The appearance of the balcony as a substitute for the orchestra showed the desire to occupy the urban space and reflects the social position in a population of estates. Thus, the appearance of sculpted beam heads can be attributed to a desire to ostentate families. The oldest ones are found on the porches of Ca l’Aguilar, in the Plaza Mayor (dating from the 15th century). Later (1756) are the baroque elements of the house of the Morató sculptor’s estate (where the library is currently located).

Citizens’ sensitivity to the preservation of heritage led to the twentieth century the beautification of facades, adapting beam heads as a constructive visual solution to the houses that were reformed. Most of it is the work of the sculptor Manel Casserras i Boix (1929-1996), best known as a giant artist and author of a large part of the giants of Catalonia. Beam heads have been a distinctive element of the popular Solonin architecture, of uncertain origins.

Popular rumorology says that they aimed to scare evil spirits. Why, if not, would these faces be scary? This itinerary through the historic center makes up about twenty points.

On the right, you can see the beam head we have at Hotel la Freixera. We invite you to come and see him personally!

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-19 at 14.27.59

Below we show you the itinerary you can do to find all beam heads, will you be able to find them all?



  1. Start of the route. Just before entering the bridge portal we can see it again.
  2. We find a trio of guardians.
  3. We enter the Museum D.C., where at the entrance there is an 18th century head, formerly located on the roof of the cathedral.
  4. In the Plaza Mayor, under the arcades of Ca l’Aguilar, there are the oldest ones in Solsona (15th century).
  5. Here we can see five.
  6. In the house of August Font, a native architect of Solsona and the author of the chamber of the Cloister and the dome of the cathedral of Barcelona, there is a noble and serene look, carved in accordance with classical canons.
  7. You have to leave the portal and look up: will it be a king?
  8. One of the three heads reminds us of one of the crazy giants of Carnival. Do you know what?
  9. We face some jewels of the Baroque, surely built by the same sculptor Carles Morató in 1756 – author of the colossal altarpiece of the sanctuary of the Miracle -, which denote a great sculptural mastery. Restored in 2011, they have markedly baroque formal features: caricatured shapes and with a tendency to grotesque, realistic details, such as the curls of beards or whiskers, the teeth, the neck of the time …
  10. Below the bell tower there are three small dimensions.

11. We stop at the studio where the artist Mayra D’Amore has painted some of the solomon beam heads. Open Saturdays in the afternoon and Sundays in the morning (for more information: 617 443 330).

12 and 13. Tremendously grotesque, with mouth, nose and disproportionate ears, there are beam heads that guard the most emblematic place of Solsona. In the center, there is the Major, gothic fountain, with gargoyles and stone lions.

14. Before leaving the square, we find another baroque, probably from the time of construction of the house, but it is from 1876 or 1860? how slow are we doing?

15. These are the most recent, of the 21st century. Curiously, one of them is the only polychrome specimen in Solsona.

16. Now we have the opportunity to see them closely and appreciate the details.

17. Here we look at it behind the glass of the hotel La Freixera, taken from the cover of the house located on Carrer de la Regata, no. 3. Its appearance is attributed to the Baroque.

18. Next to the other we observe three more.

19. About to complete the route, we appreciate here four more.

20. And finally, animal forms that honor the name of the street.

We hope you like the route.

For more information, go through the Tourist Office or visit its website: www.solsonaturisme.com

10th Fair of the Mushroom and the Boletaire de Solsona

Once again, Solsona celebrates the mushroom fair and the boletaire, the most awaited fair of October.

Despite the expectations that have left us a hot summer, which still lasts and the few rains that should have already begun in August, from the Solsonès Regional Council, they will be launching the 10th Boletus Fair and the boletaire of Solsona.

This fair, will be held on October 21 and 22 and despite the few mushrooms that have been found this year, apart from promoting the gastronomic sector around the mushroom, want to promote greater awareness in respect to forests and natural environment.

Next, we leave the program of the fair for days and all the activities that you can enjoy during these two days.

Mushroom lovers, we look forward to Solsona!

18 h
Cooking workshop with mushrooms and wine pairing by Laia Coma and Roger Vilaginés, from the restaurant Mare de la Font de Solsona.

Price: € 10. Limited places Prior registration must be made by phone at 973 48 16 44 (8 am to 3 pm) or by mail to servicios@ctfc.es

Organized by: Forest Technology Center of Catalonia
It collaborates: Diputació de Lleida
Place: CTFC Building of the Seminary

21.30 h
Dinner: The mushroom kitchen

In charge of the Hostal restaurant Crisami, Restaurante el Miracle and the Hotel Restaurant Can Puig

Price: 20 euros per person. Limited places, you must sign up at the Tourism Office of the Solsonès (Ctra de Bassella, 1 – 973 48 23 10)

Organized by: Guild of Hosatleria del Solsonès
He collaborates: Wine, Cava Vilarnau, Aigua Font Vella and Cafès Gener
Location: Gòtic courtyard of the Solsonès County Council

8.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Mycological outbreak in the Monegal farm (mycological route)
For registration: servicios@ctfc.es
Organized by: CTFC and Grup de Natura del Solsonès
Place of departure: Plaça del Camp. Reagrupation at 9:15 p.m. at the Tourist Information Point of Sant Llorenç de Morunys. It will be returned at 2 pm (approx.)

From 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Market of mushroom and craft products of the region
Place: Plaza Mayor

Sale of crafts and demonstrations of arts and crafts
Place: Church Square and San Miguel Street

11 h
Workshop of mushrooms with wool: we will combine crochet techniques, felt and some other surprise! Adapted for all ages. Approximate duration of 60 minutes.
Price: € 8 the small and € 10 the big
Organized by: Hands and sleeves
Place: c. Castell, 48

17 h
Opening of the mushroom exhibition collected by the Solsonès Nature Group
Organized by: Nature Group of Solsonès, Societat Catalana de Micologia and CTFC
Place: entrance of the town hall of Solsona

Workshop of mushrooms with wool: we will combine crochet techniques, felt and some other surprise! Adapted for all ages. Approximate duration of 60 minutes.
Price: € 8 the small and € 10 the big
Organized by: Hands and sleeves
Place: c. Castell, 48

Mushroom preserve workshop by Oriol Pallarès
Limited places Pre-enrollment must be made by phone at 973 48 16 44 (from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.) or by mail to servicios@ctfc.es

Organized by: Forest Technology Center of Catalonia, Leader Consortium, Gustum, DARP and FEADER
Venue: Sala Francesca de Llobera of the Consell Comarcal del Solsonès

18 h
Children’s workshop: Salt explorers: simple experiments to get to know white gold
Organized by: Cardona Historic Foundation and Cardona Town Council
Place: main square

Tasting presentation of the 13th Gastronomic Days of Autumn of Solsonès

Price: ticket 6 euros, includes 2 tastets plus glass of wine

Organized by: Gremi d’Hostaleria del Solsonès
It collaborates: It goes from wine, Cava Vilarnau and Aigua Font Vella
Place: Plaza Mayor

10 am to 2 pm
Market of mushroom and craft products of the region
Place: Plaza Mayor

Sale of crafts and demonstrations of arts and crafts
Place: Church Square and Calle de San Miguel

Autumn gathering of collectors of cava plates
Organized by: ACP from Solsonès
Place: hot valley

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Guided visits to the mushroom exhibition and workshops for boys and girls
Organized by: Nature Group of Solsonès and Societat Catalana de Micologia
Place: entrance of the Town Hall of Solsona

From 12 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Tasting by La Gatera

Price: € 3.50 (lid + glass of wine)

Organized by: La Gatera
Place: Plaza Mayor

13 h
Award ceremony of the Fair Contests
Place: Plaza Mayor

Prize draw of the contest Let’s search for mushrooms with the UBIC

Exhibition of the contest of mushroom drawings realized by students of the schools of the region.
Venue: Sala Francesca de Llobera of the Consell Comarcal del Solsonès

Exhibition of mushrooms collected by the Solsonès Nature Group with guided tours with informative material by the Catalan Society of Mycology and small competition to identify some mushrooms seen in the exhibition.
Place: entrance of the town hall of Solsona.
Hours: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Tuesday also from 2 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Competitions of the Fair:

-10th edition of the biggest mushroom
-10th edition of the most original mushroom

Conditions: you must bring the items to the store the Dragon (Main Square) before Sunday at 12 o’clock

-7th edition of the contest for who brings more species of mushrooms identified
Conditions: you must bring the specimens at the entrance of the Town Hall of Solsona (exhibition of mushrooms) before Sunday at 12 o’clock

13th Gastronomic Days of Autumn

Until 12 November, the establishments of the Gremi d’Hostaleria del Solsonès offer you the best marasque tapas with the best wines and original autumn menus. Participate in the contest and earn a meal or dinner for two people in a restaurant in the region.

Organized by:
Consell Comarcal del Solsonès i Solsonès Fairs

Information ceded by:                www.firadesolsona.com 

We wait for you!

I have two days off … Let’s visited Sant Llorenç de Morunys and its surroundings

As every Monday and a week, we return to inform you of what you can do in Solsona and El Solsonès for two days.

Last week, we traveled through the history, culture and cuisine of the south of the region. This week, we will go deep into the mountains and mountains of the north, in the skirts of the Prepirineus.

But, we will not visit you all this week! It is a very extensive area and to enjoy the landscapes and the nature that surrounds us, we will need more than two days.

We will visit Sant Llorenç de Morunys, we will know its history, its gastronomy, its streets and roads … A little everything in general.

On the second day, we will get lost at the Serra de Busa and the Llosa del Cavall reservoir. As always, we recommend hiking, mountain biking and car routes that you can enjoy if you are brave!

Sant Llorenç de Morunys, Coll de Jou and El port del Compte.

Let’s start the day with eagerness, taking forces, as it will be tiring (but we will not stop it for this!), We will take the car and go to Sant Llorenç de Morunys.

We will follow the road that follows the Llosa del Cavall reservoir until reaching the village, about 24km from Solsona.

Once we park the car, our visit begins in the small village of Sant Llorenç de Morunys. We enter the old town, which preserves part of the walls, disfigured by late buildings and two portals, the one of the Pieta and the one of the New Era.

Within the old town we can visit the parochial church of Sant Llorenç de Morunys, where we can highlight the 16th century Renaissance Cloister, the Altarpiece of San Miguel Arcángel and San Juan Bautista, the Altarpiece of the Holy Spirit, Year 1713 and the Capella dels Colls.

The Plaza Mayor is a recent construction although the structure of the buildings that make up it are very representative of what can be found in the walls. Generally they are of two plants; the first one was used by cattle and by shop that became generally in store; the second one for rooms and the porch, as a clothes rack for the woolen slices that were then used to weave the Pitae cloths.

Another place that deserves our attention is the Santuari de la Pietat, with a single nave with a main porch that was tapestry in the middle of the 20th century and turned into another part of the ship. The current façade, presided over by a small steeple belfry, is the result of a restoration carried out in 1909. Inside, the gothic altarpiece of La Piedad, the work of Pedro García de Benavarre

Once we have visited the old town of Sant Llorenç de Morunys, we will go to the Santuri de Lord, it is a temple of a nave, covered with a barrel vault on toral arches, and side chapels between the buttresses. The façade is of great simplicity, lacking ornamental elements, except for the oculus that illuminates the church. To the side it has the bell tower, of two bodies. Ornamentation is reduced to the main altarpiece, which houses the chamber of Our Lady of Lord, a wood carvings that, in its current state, reveals a restoration that disfigures the original 13th century image.

We emphasize the 1901 altarpiece of carpentry with gilded, was done in Barcelona by the workshop of J. Riera Casanovas. His invoice responds to revivalist orientations that arbitrarily conjugate stereotypes of the Byzantine and Romanesque arts.

Once you visit the Sanctuary, surely we will start to feel our stomach roar, so go for lunch, we recommend some places where you can eat in the town and surroundings and where you can enjoy a good meal!

After enjoying a good meal, we will continue up the mountain, going through the small villages of La Coma and La Pedra, where a little further up we will find the Cardener Fountains.

It is advisable to leave the car and walk about 300 m. Depending on the time of the year, we can find splendid waterfalls and an impressive stream of water: we are at the birth of the Cardener River, an idyllic place that allows us to hear the murmur of the water and to see the mountains that border this place The birthplace of the Cardener is today a cozy leisure space.

Our next stop will be the Port of the Account, it is an alpine ski resort that takes the name of the Serra del Port del Comte, where it is located, exactly on the northern slope of the Sierra del Querol as well as around the Tossal d ‘ Estivella, there is a ski resort implanted.

However, although in winter we can enjoy snow sports for exelence, in other seasons, we can find various activities for the whole family such as adventure parks, Tubbies, Golf. ..

For more information visit: Port del Compte

Our last stop, before returning to Solsona, will be at Coll de Jou, a mountain port which, at the same time, is an important junction of communication between the Ebro and Llobregat basins. And you will ask, “OK, the information is fine, but … what are we doing here?”

Very simple! It’s an amazing viewpoint! Where the roads that go to Solsona, Sant Llorenç de Morunys and Cambrils are communicated, there is a viewpoint in which we will see the entire Valley and if we refine the view, we can even see Solsona small in the distance, it is a very good time to remove the camera to take pictures and spend all the memory! (if you have not already done it!)

To return, unlike climbing, we will take the road that goes through Lladurs, the old road that is called the village and we will descend, watching and enjoying the views that the mountain offers us.

Nature lovers, here ends the first day, sleep well, because tomorrow we are waiting for new routes and visits!

La Serra de Busa, el Pantà de la Llosa del Cavall i moltes rutes!

Good day!

Today we will be dressed as a mountain, because it is a mountain!

We will go up to the Serra de Busa and the Pantà de la Llosa del Cavall (which we saw yesterday going to Sant Llorenç de Morunys) and climb the Serra mountains and much more!

So get strong, so let’s start!

In the first place, we will climb the Sierra de Busa, it is one of the mountain ranges of the Pre-Pyrenees located to the south of the Serra dels Bastets, in the Solsonès region. It seems inaccessible due to the rugged walls of montserratine forms that form it. The highest point is the top of Cogul, in the Serrat de les Graelles.

The Busa range forms a broad plateau, called the Busa plan, cut everywhere by high cliffs.

In the northwestern part of the plain, the Capolatell, better known as “the Prison of Busa”, stands out because of its use for this purpose during the French War. At this moment you can access it by foot through an iron lever.

The routes that we can do in this environment are the following:

    • Route with start and end point to the parking of the Vall d’Ora ecomuseum.
      This route can be shorter by climbing the car from Besora along the asphalted track to the car park that is on the Busa plain.
      The route passes through a very straight channel of about 50 meters that is overcome by an iron staircase (10m) and wooden steps with mechanical handrails. It is a difficult step that can be avoided by going up the way back.
      In addition, from the Vall d’Ora parking there is an asphalted track that leads to the monastery of Sant Pere de Graudescales, an example of the rural monasteries.
    • Circular route with start and end point in the parking of the Vall d’Ora ecomuseum.
      The route passes through L’Escala, a narrow and narrow channel of about 50 m very rights located on the path to the Busa plane. In the first section you climb up an iron staircase (10 m) and then, by means of wooden steps that are well fitted between the rock and mechanical rails.

Very close to the area where we are, we will find the Mirador del Codó, an ideal place to enjoy views of the Vall de Lord. Located 1529 meters, you can see the town of Sant Llorenç de Morunys, the Serres de Busa and the Bastets and the Llosa del Cavall reservoir. On clear days you can get to see Montserrat mountain and Montseny mountain.

From the L-4241 road that goes from Solsona to Coll de Jou. Crossing roads where the source of Coll de Jou is

From the C462 highway that goes from Sant Llorenç to Coll de Jou. Once you reach Coll de Jou take the turnoff towards Solsona and take a detour left at the left with the indications “Camí de la Creu del Codó”.

We continue along the way until we reach a point where we can not move forward with the car. From here, we can do the ruta al mirador del Codó.

Visited the Serra de Busa, we will descend to the Pantano de la Llosa del Cavall, there are no routes that are known in this area, as it is difficult to access, but if we follow the road that goes down towards Solsona, we can see a few Entrances to the reservoir that may not reach him completely, but which we could explore in order to approach us as much as we can.

Here we finish our route, and as you know, the routes that we propose, are only a few of all that Solsonès offers.

If you want to know more routes on foot, by bike or by car, just visit the website of Solsonès Turisme and you will find many more!

We finish the day, finally we can rest after an intense day of routes and mountains! Good night!

Information ceded by:            Solsona Turisme i Turisme la Vall de Lord

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Arrencant motors per la Festa Major

D’aqui una setmana s’inicia la Festa Major de Solsona, coneguem el actes previs a aquesta festivitat.

A només una setmana de l’esperada Festa Major de Solsona, escalfem motors amb els actes previs de la ja esmentada.

Aquests actes és celebraran des d’avui, 1 de Setembre, fins al 6 de Setembre per donar pas a l’inici de la festivitat el dia 7 de Setembre i que durarà fins al 11 de Setembre, Diada de Catalunya.

En aquest post us volem fer arribar el programa d’aquests actes previs perquè, sigueu o no de Solsona, no us perdeu res!

Programa d'actes previs

A les 10 a la plaça de Sant Joan, concert Metamorfosi de les músiques de la Festa Major de Solsona, a càrrec de la Cobla Juvenil Ciutat de Solsona amb la participació extraordinària d’Eduard Gener, LXX Solsonins i Orquestra Patinfanjàs.
Col·laboració: Agrupació de Geganters de Solsona, Arxiu Comarcal del Solsonès, Ajuntament de Solsona i Amics Linyolencs

De 10 a 1, al Castellvell (punt d’inici), VISITA gratuïta al poblat ibèric del Castellvell i, posteriorment, a Sant Miquel de Sorba
Organització: Centre d’Estudis Lacetans

A les 5, a la plaça de Sant Joan, XXXIV TROBADA D’ACORDIONISTES
Organització: Joan Ribera i Ramon Riu
Col·laboració: Ajuntament de Solsona, Consell Comarcal del Solsonès, Caixa d’Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona i Regió7
* En cas de pluja, l’acte es traslladarà a la Sala Polivalent.

A 2/4 de 12, a la plaça de Sant Joan, CONCERT SOLIDARI a càrrec de Judit Neddermann
Organització: SOM (Solsonès Obert al Món)
Patrocini: Ajuntament de Solsona
* En cas de pluja, l’acte es traslladarà al pati gòtic del Consell Comarcal.

A les 8, sortint de la plaça del Camp, XX CAMINADA POPULAR al Vinyet de Solsona. Enguany passa pel turó de Sant Bartomeu en reconeixement a l’excalcalde solsoní Ramon LLumà (Solsona, 1935-2016)
Organització: Ajuntament de Solsona
Col·laboració: Centre Excursionista del Solsonès

A les 10, al camp de tir del Solsonès, TIRADA AL PLAT GENERAL, en la modalitat de 25 plats de color vermell
Organització: Club de Tir del Solsonès

A les 10, a la plaça de la Catedral, sortida de la CURSA SOLIDÀRIA entre Solsona i el Pi de Sant Just Doctortoni.cat Running Festival

A 2/4 d’11, al portal del Castell, MOSTRA DE CULTURA POPULAR, amb plantada de gegants, cercavila pel nucli antic i ballets davant l’Ajuntament
Organització: Gegants del Tros
Col·laboració: Ajuntament de Solsona

A les 5, a 2/4 de 7 i a les 8, a la sala Francesca de Llobera del Consell Comarcal, ESPECTACLE DE MÀGIA de prop per a adults a càrrec del solsoní PERE RAFART, il·lusionista. Entrades gratuïtes amb reserva prèvia. Cal recollir les invitacions a l’OAC de l’Ajuntament (se’n lliuraran un màxim de dues per persona).

A les 7, al Museu Diocesà i Comarcal de Solsona, INAUGURACIÓ de l’exposició “En plein air. Tomàs Boix. La pintura com a passió (1886-1951)”
Organització: Museu Diocesà i Comarcal de Solsona

A 2/4 de 10, a la plaça del Consell Comarcal, ASSAIG GENERAL dels ballets de la Festa Major
Organització: Agrupació de Geganters de Solsona

Informació cedida per:                                              Solsona Turisme

I have two days off… I’m going to Solsona!

We often have a couple of days a week in which we do not work and dedicate ourselves to taking care of our home, our children, visiting family, shopping, visiting friends …

But … when do we take care of ourselves?

Solsona is an excellent option to disconnect from the big cities, to be in touch with nature and the mountains, to take care of yourself and let yourself relax.

“Yes, Solsona looks very calm, but I’m very active and I do not like to be locked in the Hotel. What do I do? What do I visit?”

Do not you worry! Solsona is a small municipality, but it has many interesting activities to do in the city, but also throughout the region. Want to know what?

From August 28th until the end of September, every Monday you will have new options that you can visit and / or do for two whole days!

Follow our blog every Monday and discover different ways to take advantage of two days in Solsonès!

14 El Castellvell (Olius)
Take advantage of the offer of our Hotel to realize any of the plans that we propose to the Blog!

Stay at Hotel La Freixera for two nights and enjoy a 10% discount in any of our rooms from August 28 to September 30.

Will you let this offer escape?

For more information visit: Oferta de final d’estiu

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Guided tours to Solsona

If you visit a town that was unknown to you, the best and the first thing everyone is doing is tourism.

For this reason, we leave below the guided tours of Solsona and the region, the necessary information, where they can reserve and buy tickets and their schedules.

Guided tours in Solsona

Solsona, a giant city.

Visit to the giants of the Festa Major and the Carnival of Solsona, all prepared by the Casserras Workshops. In this visit you will learn how to create a giant, from the first drawings on paper, to the final figure. Finally, you can take the last steps to create a small figure of a giant and take it home!

  • Hours: at 6 pm, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from July 17 to August 30, except July 29

Nocturnal visits.

Discover one of the most important historical episodes of Solsona by the hand of different actors that you will find during the visit of the old town. Ready to travel to the Carlist times?

  • Hours: every Thursday and Friday from July 27 to September 1, at 9 pm (except July 28)

Theatricalized visit

During this visit, you will enjoy a theatrical recreation of the operation of the Llobera hospital and the Pou de Gel de Solsona hospital. Ideal for family audiences.

  • Hours: at 7 pm, every Saturday from July 22 until September 2, except July 29

Tasta Solsona.

During the visit, you will discover the historical center of Solsona and its best kept secrets: the oldest shops in the city, paying special attention to craft and local agri-food products. The visit ends with a tasting of products from the territory.

  • Schedule: at 6 pm. Next sessions: August 26

Solsona Monumental.

Experience the history with a route through the most important points of the medieval old town: Carrer Major and streets, Sant Joan, Sant Isidre, with the fountains and stately homes, and the cathedral with the cloisters. Includes the visit to the Ice Well and the Fourth of the Giants.

  • Times: AUGUST: every Wednesday, Friday (in Spanish), Saturdays, Sundays and August 14 and 15 at 11:00 a.m. August 11 and 14 at 6:30 p.m. REST OF THE YEAR: every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays at 11:00 a.m. Except September 8, 9 and 11, December 25 and 26.

Fourth of the giants

Ideal for families! Do you want to know where the giants of the Festa Major of Solsona live? Come and discover the space where they are stored along with the rest of the improperies.

  • Hours: every Saturday at 5 pm, except February 25, May 13, June 17, 18 and 24, July 8 and July 22 to September 11, 2017

Guided tours in the Solsonès.

San Esteban d’Olius monumental complex.

The visit consists of a historical interpretation of the place, visiting the field of Iberian silos, the church of Sant Esteve d’Olius and its crypt dedicated to Santa Maria. Also included is the visit to the modernist cemetery designed by Bernadí Martorell.

  • Hours: to be specified with the group

Sanctuary of the Miracle.

Discover the best kept secrets of the Miracle Shrine by the hand of its neighbors. The visit includes places such as the Baroque altar and the sacristy, the cloister of the monastery or the bassadoria. Guided tour of the Baroque space optional.

  • Hours: every Saturday, Sundays and holidays at 11:00 a.m.

Sant Pere de Graudescales.

Visit to the hermitage and its surroundings.

  • Hours: to be specified with the group

Sant Pere de Matamargó.

Visit to the Baroque church.

  • Hours: to be specified with the group

Salí of Cambrils.

Welcome to the new, amazing and relaxing experience to load batteries without leaving Catalonia. In Salí you will find one of the few mountain salinas of all of Catalonia. After the renovation, it has 5,200m2 of terraces, 4 mills, wood pipes with salt stalactites and much more! During the visit you will discover a popular center where you learn from a culture that extracts the best of nature. And if you want more, detoxify and remineralize your skin and body thanks to the salt water pool from an underground source with more than 200 million years, and with the same concentration of salt That the Dead Sea of Jordan. Spoil yourself with the energy of the Pyrenees!

  • Hours: Opening: weekends from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. From 24/06 to 17/09 every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Guided tours at 11 am and 4 pm

The houses of Matamargó.

Discover the self-sufficient life of a farmhouse in the last century in Les Cases de Matamargó, a farmhouse of the s. XIV turned into House-Museum. It consists of 14 exhibition halls, with a total of 700 square meters, where you can see how social and family life was in a rural context, as well as the various tasks of the field, the machinery used according to each time and its evolution .

  • Hours: 11:30 p.m., first Sunday of each month.

For more information and reservations, contact:

  • reserves@solsonaexperience.com

Or, by visiting the webpage:

Meet the swamps of Solsona.

The heat and the good weather have come to stay.

Solsona offers many activities, routes and ways to escape from the heat of summer. If you are planning a holiday in Solsona, you can not know the swamps of the region to have a swim, do aquatic activities or relax.

Sant Ponç

The Sant Ponç reservoir is located in the middle valley of the river Cardener, created by a dam located in the municipality of Clariana de Cardener, extending terms for Clariana de Cardener, Navès Olius and in the Solsonès, not far from the edge of the Bages. Is part of the reservoir basin of the river Llobregat.

The Sant Ponç offers a path that goes all around the sawmp and with many holes where1200px-Sant_Ponç you can extend the towel and have a bath as long as you do not fear the catfish! For more trekking info: www.benvinguts.cat/rutes/volta-al-panta-de-sant-ponc/

It also offers activities such as kayak rental or “paddle surfing” for more info: www.tirantmilles.com/la-caseta-del-panta/

Llosa del Cavall

The swamp Llosa del Cavall is located in the Valley of Lord, who belongs to the Cardener river (Llobregat river basin), created by a dam located in the village of Naves, extending terms by Nave and Guixers a tiny portion of San Lorenzo de Morunys in Solsonès.

This reservoir unlike Sant Ponç, is located up in the mountains, hampering the power to make a route around, however, just next we find the Serra de Bus1280px-Pantà_Llosa_del_Cavall_01a where there is a circular route with spectacular scenery for more info: www.turismesolsones.com/ruta/ruta-de-les-cases-de-posada-a-busa-pel-grau-de-lareny/

Similarly, it also offers water activities like canoeing and kayak rental. You can find more information on the following link: www.kayakk1.com/