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Autumn has arrived in Solsonès.

Autumn has come to Solsonès and with it, some rains, a little cold and the first mushrooms.

In autumn, it’s raining time, it’s time to start removing the coat from the closet and changing the summer quilt for the winter.

The evergreens with deciduous leaf begin to notice the change of temperature and drop the yellowish and brown leaves that form a large sound carpet as they pass over them.

The first mushrooms appears and all those daring mushroom seekers, which in summer put their hands on their heads because of the heat they were doing, they found the first nightingales and vines, which, well hidden, tried not to be hunted.

The cold, the coats and the scarves return. Returns a plate of warm soup for dinner and that hot shower so relaxing before going to sleep. We begin to see chestnuts that bathe the ground under the chestnut trees, and of course, this indicates that we will soon see the chestnut cookers with their flame fire, hot chestnuts that we will eat at ease while paper-lined with newspapers and magazines warms us hands

And last but not least, the panellets will soon return! The round pastries of sugar, almonds and pine nuts that everybody makes at home and that causes the mouth to turn us water only to feel the smell.

In addition to all the things that come back after the summer leaves in autumn, in Solsonès, there are some fairs and events. Do you want to know what? Well keep reading!

Mushroom Fair.

  • On October 21 and 22, we meet as every year in the Plaza Mayor and the surroundings of Solsona to welcome all the mushroom seekers in the area. In addition to the sale of mushrooms, this autumn fair presents a multitude of attractions for the family audience. The market stands for artisanal products, demonstrations of antique trades, a gathering of collectors of cava plates, exhibitions and visits.

Fair of the eggs of the mare and farmer’s market.

  • On October 28 and 29 we meet in Sant Llorenç de Morunys to celebrate this fair that revolves around the legend of “Three wise men”. And the contest of giant pumpkins takes place, according to the legend called “eggs of mare”

Market of the trumfo and the salt of Odèn.

  • On November 19 we have an appointment at Odèn, at the top of the region to attend the Trumfo Market and Sal d’Odèn, where the local producers of trumps participate. Tasting trips are also made and local craft products are found. In addition, you can visit Salí de Cambrils and discover how they made salt in the past.