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La Freixera, exceptional accommodation 2017


Hotel La Freixera has received, this 2017 was awarded: Guest Review Award 2017

The online portal No. 1 of online reservations, Booking.com, has been awarded this year at the Hotel Freixera de Solsona with the Guest Review Award 2017, the hallmark with which this reservation portal rewards, worldwide, the hotels that In a continuous way over the years, they have received the recognition and satisfaction of the clients that have stayed with a sustained score of 9.4 out of 10.

The hotel Freixera stays sustained year after year as the most valued hotel for the customers Booking.com that travel through Central Catalonia. During the year 2017, 28% of the clients that stayed in the Freixera came from the international market: 17% of French, 14% English, 13% Americans, 9% Germans, also 9% Scandinavian and one 11% from other countries like Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Russia. Booking.com is also the preferred portal for Catalan and Spanish customers that represent 72% of Freixera’s reserves with predominance of the Barcelona client and metropolitan area.