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Discover Solsonès – The Geographic Center of Catalonia


Pinós, the geographic center of Catalonia.

The geographical center of Catalonia is located very close to the Sanctuary of Pinós, to the south of the Solsonès region.

The town of Pinós receives the name of one of the five centers that comprise Ardèvol, Vallmanya, Sant Just de Ardèvol, Pinós and Matamargó.

The central part of the term constitutes a backbone between 700 and 800 meters above the river basins of the Llobregat and Segre basins. The rest of the territory is sprinkled by a small stream of small mountain ranges and thick, the most significant of which is the Pinós mountain range (930.6 m).

You will see a landscape marked by the voracity of the 1998 fires as well as subsequent regeneration.

Pinós Sanctuary

Located at 904 meters above sea level, the sanctuary has its origins in the construction of a chapel built by the Knights Templar in 1312, which soon passed into the hands of hospitalers. Popular devotion took a great deal of importance as of the year 1507, when Bernat Cases, de Matamargó, declared that, when arriving at the chapel of way towards Biosca, the Virgin had appeared to him. The original building has been the object of several works of extension and remodeling, among which are those dated by the cover in 1642.


Rutes in Pinós and sorroundings

Pinós and its surroundings, are very beautiful lands to explore, to walk or to make a route in bicycle.

If you are the most daring and want to know what routes you can do, we leave you a few so that you choose the one you like the most.

Foot routes:

Cycling routes:

Meet the swamps of Solsona.

The heat and the good weather have come to stay.

Solsona offers many activities, routes and ways to escape from the heat of summer. If you are planning a holiday in Solsona, you can not know the swamps of the region to have a swim, do aquatic activities or relax.

Sant Ponç

The Sant Ponç reservoir is located in the middle valley of the river Cardener, created by a dam located in the municipality of Clariana de Cardener, extending terms for Clariana de Cardener, Navès Olius and in the Solsonès, not far from the edge of the Bages. Is part of the reservoir basin of the river Llobregat.

The Sant Ponç offers a path that goes all around the sawmp and with many holes where1200px-Sant_Ponç you can extend the towel and have a bath as long as you do not fear the catfish! For more trekking info: www.benvinguts.cat/rutes/volta-al-panta-de-sant-ponc/

It also offers activities such as kayak rental or “paddle surfing” for more info: www.tirantmilles.com/la-caseta-del-panta/

Llosa del Cavall

The swamp Llosa del Cavall is located in the Valley of Lord, who belongs to the Cardener river (Llobregat river basin), created by a dam located in the village of Naves, extending terms by Nave and Guixers a tiny portion of San Lorenzo de Morunys in Solsonès.

This reservoir unlike Sant Ponç, is located up in the mountains, hampering the power to make a route around, however, just next we find the Serra de Bus1280px-Pantà_Llosa_del_Cavall_01a where there is a circular route with spectacular scenery for more info: www.turismesolsones.com/ruta/ruta-de-les-cases-de-posada-a-busa-pel-grau-de-lareny/

Similarly, it also offers water activities like canoeing and kayak rental. You can find more information on the following link: www.kayakk1.com/