1 Port del Comte  La creu del Codó (Solsonès)

The circuit: Mountain potatoes, Coll de Jou , Cambrils, the mountains and the shore Salty Alinyà

The place is the Alinyà nursery crops Solsonés potatoes “trumfos” . Its culture gone astray from the slopes of the mountain and the “trumfos” in winter, stored in silos dug into the natural soil. Potatoes are part of the universal eating , but “trumfos” grown to Oden – Alinyà are of high quality . You can stop in a local restaurant and taste them.  Especially in times of mushrooms : chanterelles, mushrooms , bold …

When you get to visit “nucli Cambrils Oden” and Nature Center to arrange a guided tour of Saline . Take a tour of the salt facility in 1963 but stopped working and now being restored to make visible the foundations, pipelines and windmills recently produced tons of salt; the white gold of the time..
http://centrenatura.net/inic i

Following the birth of the Ribera Salada, Canalda from Cambrils to the shore and looking downstream , through the viewpoint of the “Serra Seca” towards Pont del Clop , Carol and Castellar de la Ribera. Wild and peaceful place to daydream as water slips between pools and ponds into the forest .