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10.1 Camí de la Mare de la Font a la tardor

The nature very close: The Park of “La Mare de la Font”


Discover nature two steps from the Hotel.

The Mare de la Font is a source of a brocade made of stone in the municipality of Solsona in the Solsonès region.

It is located in the Mare de la Font park

Formerly it was known as Miravella’s source to find itself under the name’s farmhouse, but in the face of the water supply difficulties experienced by Solsona, at the beginning of the 15th century, the Cosell de la ciutat agreed to To get to Solsona the water from this source.

If you want to take a route to Mare de la Font, you have the option to follow the route that you propose from the tourist office at the following link:

Mare de la Font – Castellvell

This route proposes to go from Solsona to Mare de la Font and then the path to Castellvell to return to Solsona.

You can make half the way to the park and return along the same path. Or continue on to the castle and end the route.

For more information, go to the Hotel reception.


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